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I’m Jessie, and welcome to my kitchen!  I’m a cook, baker, gardener, canner, eater, and all-around food chick. My husband, two sons and I live high up in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania.   

I started cooking at about twelve years old, when my Mom would ask me to make something for dinner, with a recipe that sounded a lot like “some” of this, and a “handful” of that.  Since this was a long time before Google, Pinterest and Instagram, quickly looking up a written recipe often wasn’t an option. While this led to some hits and some misses, and a meatloaf I’m still teased about several decades later, I fell in love with the experimentation and the discovery of food and cooking.  More, I fell in love with feeding people who matter to me.  Food became my love language. To this day, I’m a lot more likely to give you a cookie than a hug! 

For years I’ve had friends and family ask me to give them the recipes for their favorite dishes. I want to share those recipes with you as much as I want to share the food on my table with my loved ones, so that you can prepare delicious meals with your family and friends.  You’ll find approachable recipes for classic, and not-so-classic, comfort foods; the kind of dishes that nourish the spirit and the heart as much as they fuel the body.  I reach, over and over, for the kinds of foods that are designed to make you feel loved and happy, not to leave you impressed by complicated preparations and rare, exotic ingredients. Many of the recipes I share with you have been made by my family for years, others I’ve developed and tested to ensure that you will get great results every time. 

I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me in my cozy kitchen, and I hope you stay a while!   

You can contact me at jessie@jessiescozykitchen.com any time, I’d love to hear from you! 

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